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Please note: Some companies provide access to Egencia by authenticating users through a network or intranet sign in (frequently known as 'single sign-on').

If your company connects to Egencia via this method, you do not need to view the 'Getting Started' module.

Egencia's Hotel Program: We Negotiate, You Save

Learn how our team, our technology and our access to inventory offer you the right hotel choices and rates.

Length: 4:18 min.

  Launch the Hotel Program Video

Choosing the Right Hotel: A Peek Under the Covers

Discover the different hotel rate types available on Egencia and which one is right for your next trip.

Length: 6:07 min.

  Launch the Choosing the Right Hotel Video

Your Egencia Profile: 8 Quick Tips

Learn how to make faster bookings, avoid delays at check-in and help us locate you in an emergency.

Length: 4:51 min.

  Launch Profile Video

Pre-Trip Approval Overview

Learn how to book your travel with pre-trip approval.

Length: 1:38 min.

  Launch Pre-Trip Approval Overview

Flight Search Tips & Tricks

Learn how to harness the power of Egencia's flight search to find the right flight faster.

Length: 4:36 min.

  Launch Flight Search Best Practices

Full Traveler Training

Includes all of the modules below in one continuous presentation.

Length: 26:00 min.

  Launch Full Traveler Training

Getting Started

Includes how to sign in to Egencia, what to do if you've forgotten your password, and a review of the Egencia Home Page and Specials Page. Length: 1:45 min.

  Launch Getting Started

Traveler Profile

Configure your profile to book on travel with Egencia quickly and efficiently.

Length: 7:20 min.

  Launch Traveler Profile

Home Page

Review the interface of the Egencia online booking tool.

Length: 5:34 min.

  Launch Home Page

Flight Booking

Walk through searching for and booking air travel on Egencia.

Length: 5:30 min.

  Launch Flight Booking

Car Booking

Get the rental car you need for your trip with Egencia.

Length: :57 min.

  Launch Car Booking


Highlights including the Seat Pinpointer tool, updating Trip Preferences, and a walkthough of the Final Review and Purchase path. Length: 2:41 min.

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